Toolcraft AR15 Premium Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group 5.56/.223

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Nickel Boron

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Our carriers come with a variety of options and are all manufactured to customer print and specifications within our facility in Marion, North Carolina.

We manufacture over 9,000 carriers per week each available with Chrome/Phosphate, Nickel Boron or machined to satisfy all our customers.

Toolcraft has the ability to offer a wide variety of calibers and styles of BCG’s. If you prefer to apply a special coating, we can machine your order to the specifications that are required to allow for the coating buildup. If you decide to use this method, please let our knowledgeable customer service personnel know your intentions and we will machine it correctly to your application.  We can also sell just the carrier or a carrier with the key properly assembled and staked.

The ToolCraft Bolt Carrier Group is the “Heart of an AR-15.” The bolt carrier houses the bolt and resets the hammer as it moves within the upper receiver. The carrier also bears the brunt of the gas pressure during operation. This pressure moves it back to cycle the firing mechanism, and its performance is crucial to the proper function of your firearm.

 In addition to having an attractive chrome colored finish, the Nickel/Boron finished BCG has a low co-efficient of friction and is wear resistant. Due to the columnar structure of the Nickel/Boron, the ToolCraft NiBor BCG is naturally lubricious and hard (70C+, on Rockwell scale).

The ToolCraft Nickel Boron BCG is an M16 Full Auto (Preferred for most AR-15 builds)

  • 5.56 / .223 caliber
  • Bolt Carrier constructed from 8620 steel
  • Bolt constructed from 9310 steel
  • Gas Key constructed from 4130 Steel; Grade 8 Gas Key Screws
  • Mil-Spec O-Ring
  • Mil-Spec gas rings (3)
  • MPI inspected
  • Weighs 11.7oz
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes Lifetime Warranty from ToolCraft

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  • 5
    Great bolt

    Posted by Bruce on Oct 15th 2018

    Sweet bolt, very easy to clean and works flawlessly!

  • 5
    Great bolt

    Posted by Bruce on Oct 15th 2018

    Sweet bolt, very easy to clean and works flawlessly!

  • 5
    Works like a charm

    Posted by conda on Oct 4th 2018

    Build in an upper meant for accuracy and it delivers. Bolt carrier does its job well with no issues in operation at all. This includes bouts of 400 rounds without cleaning absolutely no sign of carrier slowing or binding up, still smoothly locks up. Leaving it dirty stains it a bit, might come off with some scraping but operationally it wont matter. Great carrier and works/looks great.

  • 5
    Worked perfectly

    Posted by on Sep 16th 2018

    I prefer NiB in all my AR's - you can't beat this one for the price! You could get the same quality elsewhere for about twice as much if you'd rather do that...

  • 5
    Great BCG

    Posted by Chad George on Sep 13th 2018

    Best BCG and the best price by far! Great quality product manufactured in North Carolina. Life time warranty. Flawless performance!

  • 5
    Nickel boron ar15 bcg

    Posted by David Hinton on Aug 31st 2018

    Fast shipping. Great quality. Tool craft supplies bcg for most major manufactures, who slap their logo on it and increase price by 50% or more. Super slick, functions flawlessly in aero 8 inch 300blk build! Price is untouchable!

  • 5
    ToolCraft NB BCG

    Posted by James Vaičiulis on Aug 30th 2018

    Great finish and and another quality BCG from TC. Ease of cleaning alone makes the BCG a must buy. These are a steal for the sub $100 sale price. I recommend TC BCG to everyone I know for a reason.

  • 5
    Toolcraft rocks!

    Posted by Michael Baca on Aug 22nd 2018

    As always, Toolcraft quality is superb. Their NiB coating is slick as oil and minimizes the amount of lube you need to use. I hear some don't use any, but I think it's best to use at least a little. The quality you get for the price you pay makes this, I think, the best NiB BCG value around. You can't lose. This was my first order with E-Arms and I'm not impressed with their ship times. It took one week to receive this. While some may not think a week to the west coast is unreasonable, it kinda sucks when all your other build parts ordered on the same day from other retailers get to you in a mere two days all the way to the west coast. If you can wait and are in no hurry then by all means save a few bucks and order from E-Arms. If you want parts fast then there are much faster shippers.

  • 4
    Came dirty?

    Posted by Danny on Aug 11th 2018

    Shipped on time and packaged well, but when I opened it, it had dirt all around the gas key and bolt face. Doesn't seem to be used, but strange all the same. Emailed E-arms about it, but no response.