Sig Romeo5 With Juliet3 3X Combo

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ROMEO5 Features

  • High performance red-notch coating for excellent light transmittance and crisp red dot clarity
  • 2 MOA dot with 10 illumination settings (8 daylight + 2 NV)
  • MOTAC Motion activated illumination control powers up when it senses motion and powers down when at rest. Extends LED runtime in excess of 40,000 hours in normal use
  • Low profile M1913 Torx mount and 1.41" absolute co-witness riser Torx mount included
  • Cast from aircraft grade aluminum for ruggedness and durability
  • Side loading CR2032 battery for easy replacement without sight removal
  • Dependable IPX-7 waterproof and fogproof performance

The ROMEO5 is a compact, closed red dot sight for use with modern sporting rifles, carbines, shotguns, crossbows and air rifles. The ROMEO5 features a crisp, bright 2 MOA dot for rapid target acquisition in any situation. The sight comes with both low profile and 1.41" absolute co-witness Torx cross-bolt riser mounts. Featuring MOTAC which will extend your runtime beyond 40,000 hours of normal use.  


  • Low profile M1913 Torx mount
  • 1.41" absolute co-witness riser Torx mount
  • Bikini style lens cover
  • Torx installation tool
  • CR2032 battery


JULIET3 Features

  • Quick release for easy removal when not in use
  • PowerCam 90° mount
  • Rear flip up lens cover for added protection
  • 2 lens covers to protect the objective lens of your magnifier
  • IPX8 waterproofing

The JULIET3 Magnifier provides users the ability to engage longer range targets with more accuracy. When mounted behind the ROMEO5 Red Dot Sight, the quick flip away JULIET3 Magnifier allows the user to quickly change from close to long distance targets with a fast single handed operation. Lens covers protect your JULIET3 Magnifier from spent casings and other debris. Tested to MIL-SPEC standards, the JULIET3 Magnifier is built to never let you down


  • Flip away mount
  • 4 screws for 1.41" setting
  • 1.53" spacer plate
  • 4 screws for 1.53" setting
  • 1.63" spacer plate
  • 4 screws for 1.63" setting
  • Hex tool
  • 2 thread in lens covers
  • Rear flip up lens cover


Sig Sauer Romeo5 And Juliet3 Combo, 2 Moa Red Dot, 3 Power Magnifier, Matte Black Finish Sorj53101

Model: Romeo and Juliet
Product Type: Red Dot
Finish/Color: Black
Description: Romeo5 and Juliet3

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