Flir SilencerCout Ii 320 Thermal Sight

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Flir SilencerCout Ii 320, 336x256 Vox Microbolometer, 2x Zoom, 640x480 Lcd Display, Flir SilencerCout Series Thermal Camera, With Whitehot, Blackhot, And Instalert, Flir Digital Enhancement, Embedded Led Tasklight, Rechargeable Li-ion Internal Battery,usb Charging Cab 431-0009-21-00s

Model: SilencerCout II
Product Type: Thermal
Finish/Color: Green
Accessories: Embedded LED Tasklight, Rechargeable Li-Ion Internal Battery, USB Charging Cable, Tripod Mount
Description: PS-Series Thermal Handheld Camera with WhiteHot, BlackHot, and InstAlert. FLIR Digital Enhancement