“I NEED a gun!” “Need”? Why?

Posted by Jeffery Mandeville on Jul 17th 2019

Usually it’s “I want a gun.” but sometimes we see “I NEED a gun!” We are E-ARMS.com so we love to provide firearms and firearm accessories! We can’t know whether you have training, nor do we expect anyone to be forcefully trained or tested. So, we worry about you. We worry because we want you to have a plan, as well as possible, when bad people show up; especially when you write, “need a gun!” Our minds race through all the replies we’ve received to our “Why?”

We worry because without a plan you are completely naked, without any idea of what can and likely will happen during a terrible situation. Sadly, situations can escalate to terrible quickly. We hope you can mentally process and not get stuck in a mental loop, which is what you’ll do. It’s an animal thing. I could copy/paste facts about 6 “F”s: Freeze, Flight, Fight, Fright, Flag, and Faint, but you already know about those. As far as I can find there is only one way to manage these “F”s. We must train; otherwise, we just stand there apologizing while some jerk has his way with us. Training is meeting mind with muscle.

Muscle memory. We don’t “rise to the occasion,” we “fall back on our training.” That’s the training of our mind and our muscles. Have you been so scared that you peed your pants? Passed out? Been beaten unconscious? If not, I have trouble describing how disconnected your mind will be from your muscles. Sure, you can imagine, but until that happens it’s hard to define. If you know, then you know, so, go train!

Here are a few metaphors for needing a gun but not needing training.

  • I’ll just go skydive solo this afternoon. I’ll figure it out.
  • Got my Driver License! I’ll just go speed on the {insert terrible freeway here}.
  • I like Top-Fuel Drag Racing. I’m gonna call John Force to be on his drag team.
  • Got some scalpels. Ready to do some surgery.
  • I used to watch L.A. Law. I’ll start a law firm: Dewey, Cheatem & Howe maybe? (h/t Stooges)

Now, go train so we don’t have to worry so much. Seriously, if you get robbed of your money, you won’t be able to spend money with us, which is no bueno.

Next week: Ideas and thoughts on how to pick a training class that’s right for you.