“I NEED a gun!” “Need”? Why?

Posted by Jeffery Mandeville on Jul 17th 2019

Usually it’s “I want a gun.” but sometimes we see “I NEED a gun!” We are so we love to provide firearms and firearm accessories! We can’t know whether you have training, nor do we expect … read more

I just started shooting and I'm horrible at it! So? Keep going!

Posted by Jeffery Mandeville on Jul 6th 2019

We at sell weapons. But, we also attempt to help our customers to train more and shoot better. We hear, "I can't shoot like the 'pros' on Insta! The shots on my targets aren't good! They' … read more

Pistol Calibers – Comparison of the Most Common Options

Posted by GunPros on Jul 1st 2019

If you're looking to buy a handgun, the first step is determining what caliber you want to purchase. In this guide we'll be covering a variety of common pistol calibers to help you make your decision. … read more

​You Decide Which Firearm is Right for Your Self Defense

Posted by James Kimmons on Jan 29th 2019

Getting your concealed carry permit and carrying a firearm on your person for self-defense is a big decision. However, if you want to have this protection available, it's the right way to go.Often, on … read more

Talking to Your Spouse About Guns & Conceal Carry Permits

Posted by Missy Jess on Jan 25th 2019

You're interested in getting a concealed carry permit and your wife is angry. She doesn't like guns. Gun ownership is a touchy subject, but when approached in a thought-out manner, it doesn’t … read more