E-Arms - Black Friday Gun Sales

Black Friday is celebrated in the United States the day after "Thanksgiving", this year is celebrated on November 24, 2017.

This date, is a tradition that originated in Philadelphia in the 60's. It is the day that the season of Christmas shopping opens , for this reason many people go shopping in stores and take advantage of the significant discounts. This Black Friday season extends throughout the weekend.

E-Arms Black Friday sale this year is very similar to last year's, although there is more emphasis on Ruger Mini 14, Aero Sts Lowers, Aero Ghost Gun Lowers, Ruger Lcp with Laser and our "Name your own Sale item".

The inventory of our sale items is increasing so that customers have a good chance of getting what they want.

E-Arms offers a mobile billing service that allows you to shop online and ship the items wherever you like (FFL Transfer). Here's some of the list of products that will be on sale.

Ruger Mini 14

Aero Sts Lowers

Ruger Lcp with Laser

Aero Ghost Gun Lowers


"Name your own Sale item"

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